Plans for 'health water' spring from Virginia Tech research

Biotherapeutics plans to launch a brand of health waters with the potential to improve gut health, fight inflammation and regulate glucose. The planned launch of the waters, marketed under the Pervida brand, was covered in a recent article in The Roanoke Times and on a segment for WSET ABC13 News. The article can be found in its entirety here.

The waters, containing abscisic acid, have been developed following the discovery of the beneficial effects of abscisic acid and LANCL2 activation on glucose homeostasis at NIMML.

“We were trying to appeal to the concept of our products favoring health. The line of nutritionals are not to cure diseases, because from a regulatory perspective we cannot do that, but to enhance health,” Bassaganya-Riera said.

The first product will be a sugar-free vitamin water with pomegranate oil, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. BioTherapeutics plans a soft launch of the product this fall. If the water is successful, snack and energy bars may be in future developmental plans.