NIMML’s team is composed of immunologists, biochemists, microbiologists, engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, functioning as one integrated unit with the mission of developing novel therapeutics

Front Row (L to R): Cynthia Guerin, Andrew Leber, Mark Langowski, Jazmin Johnson, Chase Heltzel, Kristin Eden, Nathan Liles

Middle Row (L to R): Jaspreet Takhar, Kimberly Ngo, Emily Phung, Vida Abedi, Jamie Hoover, Casandra Philipson, Anita Yang, Josep Bassaganya-Riera, John Hwang, Tricity Andrew, Kate Hopkins, Kaitlyn Forster, Kelsey Hodges, Raquel Hontecillas-Magarzo

Back Row (L to R): Trenton Ferguson, Pinyi Lu, Sebastian Wellford, Jennifer Smith, Laura Wonilowicz, Victoria Godfrey, Victoria Zoccoli-Rodriguez, Noah Philipson, Monica Viladomiu, Katie Bisazza